Dream Chasers wins Honorable Mention

Old Main Gallery had a Juried Exhibition for a “Moment In Time” and although this is a private collection piece not to be shared, I felt it was perfect for this particular exhibit. This image, taken December 1st, 2012 is so symbolic to me. It’s a treasure. My sweet babies… running down 190 in Death Valley. I called it Dream Chasers because that’s what I see when I look at this… two young amazing individuals with their entire future in front of them, endless options, vast space to explore and live life and their dreams to their fullest. 

Now, the behind the ‘scenes’ story… the good stuff I love to share (and as you’ll read so does Chris.) As with every photoshoot I do with my daughters I get a bit ‘frazzeled’ since I’m solo and acting as the art director, hair/makeup/ stylist, MOM, photographer, scout tech, assistant, and digital tech (you name it, and I was it)… and we were driving to the dunes from our hotel and we were already 2 hours behind my schedule. As we were driving, Chris said “Wow that would be an amazing shot,” as he looked back in the rear view mirror looking onto the infinite highway and desert.  So about 3 seconds later we were pulled over on the side of the highway, we rushed the girls out of the car (they were already grumpy) and told them to run down the highway. I think we did about 6 takes and it has become the most treasured and iconic image of my children in my entire collection. The most special part of it is their dirty little feet… and that Chris actually can say he was the art director for this shot (well, almost…!)


Here is a fun video of the moment… I miss the giggles, wonderment, and innocence of these days… if only I could have bottled it up. 

And finally, for sake of going down 190 memory lane, here are a few other favorites that I love…

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