WEAYAYA - ‘SETTING SUN’ from The Una Collection Tryptic 46” x 198”

I”m thrilled to show off this HUGE baby of mine! Setting Sun spans 198” long. The space to photograph this was not large enough to allow the standard 1” in-between each piece so for these photos and video it’s crammed together. But, I think you can get the idea;) The piece is going home to a very lucky and wonderful family in the states just in time for the holidays. This is 1/3 edition… and oh so special. Notice the horses in the second row, they are all AIRBORNE. There is no photoshop here, this is God given beauty, majesty, power and grace that I was blessed to capture at that very moment. And this is why I love what I do!!!

I Do …. in the kitchen

I wish I knew who the amazing designer was for this home to give credit to… please shoot me info if you know!  I love this space. I Do from the Chariots of Zeus Collection at 40x60 DibaChrome. 

Children of The Sun - highest priced art sale - at the sold out 8th Annual Auction for The Arts by Big Sky and Sotheby’s

I was beyond humbled and honored to see my 48x72 Children Of The Sun, from the Una Series, take highest bidded art sale at the sold out 8th annual Auction For The Arts by Big Sky and Sotheby’s. This piece conjured up an intense bidding war that made me blush!  I was auctioning with legend artists that I admire so much, Kevin Redstar and Tom Gillian, and overjoyed to see my piece be the #1 highest seller for the evening. The piece went for 25% over retail and was the only piece that sold at or above retail, which certainly is ‘insurance’ for my collectors and myself.  I donated half of the sale to Arts Council of Big Sky who provide so much to my community throughout the year.  A big thanks to photographer Dave Pecunies for capturing the evening so authentically. 

Just Breathe….

In light and darkness of the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to share a little breath of fresh air. I am working on a new series, and this is one of the pieces that will be in the collection. It is unnamed at this time. It leaves me in a calmer more peaceful state of mind. I hope you enjoy;)

The ‘Gatekeeper’ makes his debut in a Big Sky home!

This amazing buffalo and negative space landscape, shot in Yellowstone National Park, was released early for a special client. The series Spirit Animals Of Yellowstone birthed  the Gatekeeper, edition of 33, which is just one of many inspiring creations of the Yellowstone Park landscape I can’t wait to share with you. But in due time… it’s not ready to release just yet! Here you can see a 48x72 gracing the hallway (image on the right). The design team behind this home was Alder & Tweed Design Co.

And….just to see how amazing the Gatekeeper is with the proper perspective… here you go! 

Strength from Ghost Trees published in Cabin Style coffee table book

Abby Heatherington, who is a dear friend and amazing designer gave me this book as a gift for Christmas. Little did she know, or me, that my art was published in it! So a month later, after the hustle and bustle of the holidays,  I found myself finally on the sofa with hot tea looking through the book artfully created by Chase Reynolds Ewald and photographed by the talented Audrey Hall. It was a great surprise to say the least! The design of this spectacular home was by uber talented Envi Design. It’s a great coffee table book. You can order Cabin Style from this link;)

Bozeman Daily Chronicle review of Grace Under Pressure Solo Exhibition

Thanks to Rachel Hergett, the editor of Ruckus, for a great write up for my upcoming show at Old Main Gallery.

Wild mustang collection therapeutic for photographer Tracie Spence

Tracie Spence has never had horses, yet her latest collection of photographs of wild mustangs is about to open in Bozeman. The horses, she said, speak to her spiritually. 

“That’s why I keep going back,” she said. 

“Grace Under Pressure” will be at the Old Main Gallery for the month of February, with an opening reception Friday. The collection has 39 images of horses captured on North Carolina’s Outer Banks in late 2017, its ocean waters still muddy from Hurricane Irma. Fourteen of the large-format photographs will be on display, each with an accompanying quote to lend a narrative to the name. 

Stylistically, Big Sky-based photographer Spence leans toward negative space and unconventional framing to draw the viewer into the eyes of her subjects. In each, she attempts to capture emotion and the spirit of the horse. Horses in “Blessings” are nuzzling, showing their love for each other. In “To Become,” a 2-day-old colt lies next to its mother, a promise of life yet to be lived. 

One photograph, “Grace,” is Spence’s perfect representation of the life the wild horses endure, swimming from island to island, constantly eating salty sea grass and attempting to avoid predators like bull sharks and crocodiles. The image is of an older horse, his back sagging and rib and hip bones visible. 

“I have even more compassion for these animals because of the harsh environment,” Spence said. 

Photographing wild horses takes patience. With the animals almost always grazing, Spence spent most of her time observing between moments of action — a pair racing across the dunes or a mustang taking to the water. 

After a shoot, Spence will put the work away until she is both physically and mentally prepared to weed through the thousands of images in roughly a week of sitting at a computer. When she opens them, Spence feels like a kid at Christmas. 

Spence spent more than a decade as a fashion, food and advertising photographer, a second career built after giving up psychotherapy to start a family. A traumatic brain injury after a skiing accident in December 2010 led her to years of recovery in which she had to regain vision and balance while dealing with the constant threat of re-concussing. Photographing what she calls “spiritual” subjects, like the mustangs and a collection of ghost trees, started as a form of therapy. Then it turned into more. 

“This is my joy,” she said. 

Spence would like to photograph other animals she feels connected to, like wolves and ravens. She also wants to experience how horses live around the globe, such as Iceland or Sable Island. 

“I said a year ago I have only four or five more wild horse shoots in my career,” Spence said. “I don’t know if that’s true anymore.”

For more information, visit or

Rachel Hergett is the editor of Ruckus, the arts and culture publication of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. She can be reached at or (406) 582-2603.

Drawing 101 - learning to see all over again!

Thinking is learning all over again how to see, directing one’s consciousness, making of every image a privileged place

- Albert Camus

Little exercises trying to develop a deeper appreciation for light/contrast/form/scale/depth/etc… oh this is not as easy as photography for me;) At least my kids had fun! It was my first charcol exercise and i was really happy how it turned out… for a novice that is!!!

STRENGTH - Ghost Trees series in Luxe Design

A beautiful 48x72 Strength from the Ghost Trees Series graces this amazing home.  The frame is a hand made reclaimed wood that was from a barn in Pennsylvania that was over 100 years old! The design team that placed this beauty is Envi Design - a fantastic group of interior creatives that are always a blast to work with. To view the entire project in Luxe click here.

Grace Under Pressure - The Spanish Wild Mustang - Solo Exhibition - Horizons Fine Art in Jackson Hole

I’m so excited to release my new series Grace Under Pressure. Grace
Under Pressure is a hauntingly beautiful visual narrative of the only remaining
Spanish Wild Mustangs in the world. These wild horses have roamed the region of
the Outer Banks in North Carolina for over 500 years and they manage to survive
under extremely harsh and unstable living conditions. My vision for this show was to produce unforgettable large format photography revealing the mustangs
power and strength, combined with their unfailing beauty and grace.  I’ve marrying each photograph with a profound
quote from select scholars, theologians, scientists, and artists, I wanted to strike deep reflection to create a storyline of truth and wisdom within each
image.  This exhibition brings the viewer a poetic and photographic exploration of the
Spanish Mustangs. 


Wild Things in Rustic Modern Book

I was Christmas Shopping and I pleasantly and unexpectedly found my work in this amazing Design Book! I have to say, it’s packed with stunning interior designs that will make you drool in delight. The photos are by Audrey Hall who does incredible work! My husband had the pleasure of meeting her on a job however I have not yet, but we are both fans!!! This was so exciting find for me because I love each piece I create so much - I feel like they are an extension of me, created out of love, depths of introspection, sweat, and sometimes even tears. I pour myself into my creations where some would say it’s unhealthy at times. And I agree. But what artist doesn’t?  That’s another blog in itself for another time. And that’s why it’s so exciting when I get to actually see where my pieces end up. It’s even better when I get to meet my collectors and get to know them and their story. That’s really why I love doing what I do… it’s the process and the story of the piece, even more than the piece itself. 

You can get a copy at Amazon

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